The "Dopey Songs Podcast" Presents:

"A Green New Deal Christmas Album"

Make Christmas more sustainable with a few new satirical parodies based on traditional Christmas songs including: "AOC is Coming to Town, "Park Your Tesla," "Bolsheviks" and more! Free videos and audio downloads to share!

"Baby It's Cold Outside - Not PC Version"

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“Baby it’s Cold Outside” - Not PC Version - Lyrics: Corey Deitz


(I really can’t stay) But, I roofied you twice

(It’s my time of the month) Never minded a mess!

(This evening has been) A chance for sex

(With me) Instead of just with myself…


(My mother calls me a slut) Come on I’ve been in a rut

(My father says I’m a whore) Then you’ll never be poor

(I should button my blouse) Why don't we both get soused

(Well, maybe just a half drink more) That’s what booze is for!


(The neighbors might think) You never came out the door…

(Say what’s in this drink?) Something Cosby would pour.

(I wish I knew how) I swear I won’t snore…

(To call in sick) No walk of shame for you…


(I ought to say no no sir) Mind if I just unzip

(I usually don’t put out) Unless you get ripped

(I really can’t stay) But I paid for your meal

(Both) Well, baby then you’ve got a deal!

© 2020 Corey Deitz

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