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Dopey Songs Archive

Episodes 31-40
This week:  The latest parodies about The Virus, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Randy Rainbow, Bernie’s goodbye and a love song to the New York Governor! 
This week: More virus parodies because it’s all we think about, Dirty Songs about Sex, Obscene Language, Ruth Wallace, and there’s a Fungus Among Us!
Episode #33 of “Dopey Songs” is available online. This week: The Amish get busted, Earth Day, More Virus parodies, and a few funny tunes about America!
This week: Hating Facebook, Salute to Ambien, More Virus Songs, and the Insanity of Heywood Banks.
This week: Songs about Star Wars, The Virus, Quarantine and Reopening, Frank Zappa and Napoleon the 14th.
This week: Garfunkle & Oates, Julie Brown, the latest Virus parodies, and goodbye to the Double Rainbow Guy! 
This week: The Rich, Dumb, Young Nymphomaniac song, The BJ song, a Salute to Space Force and much more!
This week: Barbecue Songs, Father’s Day Parodies, The Holderness Family, and Weird Al!
 This week: F U 2020, Lockdowns, Funny Songs from Movies, and more!

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